Special Product Range for Filter Nozzles in Water Treatment

Water treatment process requires a lot of tools and equipment that facilitate smooth drainage, distribution, circulation, and oxygenation. From production of drinking water or demineralized water, to filtration of swimming pool water or waste water treatment, there are several applications of the filter nozzles. And, for this purpose you would need these tools to improve efficiency of drain and distribution systems.

Ilmap is a reputable and trusted supplier of these products since years. These are Italian products with high-standards and provide expert assistance with water treatment and drainage and distribution process. These products are usually available in two types of materials – plastic and stainless steel.


Application of the special product range


Drinking Water Treatment Process

This is a process to filter and purify water to make it safe for human consumption. The role of these tools like water filter nozzles for softeners is to support the media that works in the treatment of water.

Water Distribution and Drain Systems

The special product range as Drain Collectors and Distributors in PP/PVC is applied in the water distribution systems to support the pipes and pumps that deliver raw water through the filters up to our taps.

Waste Water Treatment

The accessories like Air Diffusers support the waste water treatment process ensuring oxygenation and by favouring the development of microorganisms. They also helps in the process of removal of any contaminants from the used water ensuring that it returns safely to the environment. Are involved in primary processes to treat dirty water from domestic and industrial waste. This is also sewage water treatment.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

The accessories like Vent Valve or Bottom Drain are normally used on filters for the treatment of swimming pools water. These accessories are supplied to complete the standard supply of Filter Nozzles.

Different accessories in water treatment and their uses

1. Nozzle for Softener – These high-quality Italian products are made of 1 st quality plastic material and are certified for human consumption. They can be in the home filters.

2. Drain Collector and Distributor – Are designed and configured according to the needs of the customer and are used in drain or distribution systems.

3. Air Diffuser – Used in waste water treatment to oxygenate and facilitate good circulation of the water in the tank, the ILMAP air diffusers are made of POLYPROPYLENE and ABS materials.

4. Swimming Pool Filters – Vent valves and bottom drains support the plastic nozzles used to filter swimming pool water.

5. Stainless Steel Products – If you are looking for a stronger product, you can choose from the stainless-steel nozzles, drain and distribution systems, baskets or resin trap filters based on your requirement.

So, identify your need and get your equipment for water treatment from one of the trusted water nozzle suppliers.

Special Product Range for Filter Nozzles in Water Treatment

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